The best Cladding in Egypt

1. Cladding Material

Unibond is a registered brand of Modern Industrial Co., Ltd. in Saudi Arabia, which is founded in 2020. Modern Industrial Co., Ltd is engaging in the development of Unibond to be the most famous brand in Saudi Arabia. The main products of Modern Industrial Co., Ltd are Aluminum Composite Panels, Fire Resistance Aluminum Composite panels, and Aluminum Decorative panels.

2. Cladding Colors

Unibond Aluminum Composite Panels are a modern and cost-effective option available in a wide range of finishes and colors to satisfy every customer’s needs.

3. Cladding Kitchens ACP

UNIBOND® KITCHEN is a coated aluminum substrate that is lightweight and eco-friendly. The coated surface allows for high-definition graphics to be transferred into the paint of the Sublimax panels to bring your graphics to life!
At UNIBOND® KITCHEN, our lines are able to produce sheets from 1.8 to 3.6 mm in thickness.
Suitable for indoor and outdoor.

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