Manufactured using the most advance equipment and strict quality control, the Unibond Aluminum Composite Panel futures excellent torsion strength and banding strength under heavy loads.
Superb impact resistance

UniBond Aluminum Composite Panel has good impact resistance toughness and bending rigidity. It will not be damaged or abraded by sand.

Easy processing and installation

The panel is lightweight and therefore easy to process. All cutting, miling, plan-ning. Blotting, side folding and curving can be easily carried out using simple tools (subject to the Installation guidelines / manual)

Exceptional weather resistance

The Unibond range consists of fluorocarbon (PVDF) coating which has strong cohesion, alkali and acid resistance pollution resistance and chalking resistance UV light the guarantee for which is up to more than 20 years. The high durable polyester and polyester finishes are also part of the Unibond range.

Easy maintenance

The panel can be easily cleaned with water